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Our Customer

Uniform Rental Market

Tow TruckThe uniform rental market consists of industrial laundries who rent work uniforms to other companies. For example:  when you go to an Exxon service station, Joe, the person servicing your vehicle, is wearing a uniform provided by a large laundry company. Penn Emblem has supplied the Exxon logo emblem and the “Joe” name emblem he is wearing on his shirt.

Emblems for uniform suppliers are special. They are used hard every day and they are engineered to withstand the rigorous industrial laundry wash conditions. We use polyester threads and fabrics, and patented backings for heat sealing our company logo emblems and personalized name badges permanently to the garments. Penn Emblem also supplies mending materials, ID label systems and heat seal machines to help uniform rental companies efficiently run their business.

Commercial laundries and uniform companies demand the high production volume, responsiveness and diverse capabilities Penn Emblem provides to them and their customers. Serving the uniform rental market challenges Penn Emblem to keep in the forefront of technology and production techniques.