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Heat Tranfers Mobile

Penn Emblem offers you identity solutions beyond the patch, with cost-effective methods of adding your image to various fabrics and garments through durable transfers.

PennTrans™ Industrial Transfers are digitally printed in vibrant, full color and can be heat applied to fabric for a flexible, low profile alternative to traditional emblems. They do not crack or peel and are manufactured for either lower temperature commercial wash standards or industrial laundering. Flame retardant and reflective options are available for added safety. The durable direct-to-garment transfer offers lasting identity that is inexpensive for large volumes of industrial textiles or garments.

Heat Transfers
For food service and health care enterprises, textile marking transfers are a great choice to identify or property-mark table linens, hospital linens and hospital garments. These transfers are usually furnished in one color from a set of common colors of wax-based inks. Heat transfers provide a fast, effective and inexpensive method for marking large volumes of common items.