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On-Demand Sublimation for In-Plant Printing from the ImprintsUSA Division of Penn Emblem

Dye Sublimation Systems for College / University In-Plant Operations

College and university students are your customers… a group whose numbers turn over every year by as much as 35%! These students represent sales opportunities to you as individuals, or as intramural athletic teams, study groups, campus clubs, or fraternities/sororities. All are looking for customized products that distinguish them.

Sublimation printing can be an excellent addition to your product offering. Your operations are under more scrutiny every day, and declining print volumes and revenue are the main reasons. Use sublimation printing to make name badges for an event or meeting, or award plaques for achievements. Faculty and other departments purchase these types of customized products for various events throughout the year, but pay a fully loaded price plus shipping. Fulfillment of these products saves money for the institution and increases the value of your in-plant operation.

ImprintsUSA is your technology partner, and has been providing sublimation systems and supplies for over 20 years. Please use this page as an information resource for choosing a system for your in-plant printing operation.




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Simply put… Sublimation Printing = Revenue! But, what is Sublimation Printing?

Simply put, dye sublimation printing is the process of printing a transfer of a computer generated image with a specific type of ink, and then using a heat press to apply the image to a variety of substrates. All of these substrates must be either made of 100% polyester or coated with a polymer that will receive and hold the sublimation dye. There are coated products made of ceramic, aluminum, plastic, wood, and a variety of garments from t-shirts to athletic performance apparel.

Sublimation ink consists of a solid, heat-sensitive dye, which provides the color, dissolved in liquid. Under heat and pressure, the solid dye particles change into a gas and bond with any polymers on the substrate and then change back into a solid. The high temperature used in sublimation opens the pores of the polymer and allows the gas to enter. When the substrate is removed from the heat source and immediately begins to cool, the pores close and the gas reverts to a solid and becomes a part of the polymer.

Key to this process is the sublimation ink itself, and the right combination of heat press settings: 410° F, medium pressure (around 50 psi), and a dwell time of 40 to 50 seconds. What you get is a bright, colorfast image that resides in the product, not on the surface. It will not chip, peel or fade.

There are thousands of coated products available, including: coffee mugs and beer steins, license plates, mobile device cases, holiday ornaments, bag tags, mouse pads… just to name a few. You can also create your own products with plastic, wood or aluminum sheet stock available for custom cutting. New products are being created on a monthly basis.