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Country Stock Flags

State and Country Flag Patches are available in a wide range of different sizes and styles for every garment or event. We have many flag patches available and in stock, plus we can customize any patch or copy existing patches. Flag patches look great on uniforms, hats, bags or jackets to display your pride.  Penn Emblem always offers excellent customer service and a low price! Learn about our State Stock flags, here.

Want to purchase our patriotic stock flag patches? Visit the ImprintsUSA website, a subsidiary of Penn Emblem Company, to order today.

United States – 7F1023

United States – 7F1024

United States – 7F1303

United States – 7F1304

United States – 7F6179

United States – ES1107778

Algeria – ES1903298



Argentina – ES1904155

Australia – ES1903318

Austria – ES1903331

Bangladesh – ES1903309

Bolivia – ES1903293

Brazil – ES1903294

Cameroon – ES1903316

Canada – ES2527020

China – ES1903306

Colombia – ES1923301

Congo – ES1903335

CongoRepublic – ES1903312

Ecuador – ES1903295

Egypt – ES1902083

France – ES1903292

Germany – ES1903330

Guam – ES2427003

India – ES1903305

Indonesia – ES1903302

Ireland – ES2438373

Italy – ES1903332

Japan – ES1903301

Libya – ES1903299

Luxembourg – ES1903338

Malaysia – ES1900090


Mexico – ES1902078

Netherlands – ES1903327

Nigeria – ES1903310

Norway – ES1918268

Oman – ES1903325

Philippines – ES1903304


Singapore – ES1902086

South Korea – ES1909449

Spain – ES1903334

Thailand – ES1903311


Venezuela – ES2275212

Vietnam – ES1903308

Virgin Islands – ES2427012

Yemen – ES1903326