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Flame Resistant Emblems

Be confident in your choice of industrial flame resistant protection. Custom Flame Resistant FR Emblems add valuable seconds for escape to protect workers who are exposed to sparks or flames. They are manufactured using the same techniques as custom embroidered emblems but with the added protection of 100% Dupont Nomex® flame resistant fibers and a fire resistant backing, combining safety with identification for high risk settings. Flame Resistant Emblems feature merrow borders and a tough PennBond® backing for heat seal or sew on application. These reusable embroidered emblems meet regulatory standards for safety apparel while standing up to industrial laundering for long-term performance. Use to enhance the personal protective equipment worn by workers in hazardous industries such as petrochemical and electrical.

NOMEX Technology
Nomex® is a patented flame resistant fiber used to make emblems and patches primarily for protective clothing worn by petrochemical workers, utility workers and firefighters.

Industrial Backing
The Flame Resistant Emblems feature merrow borders, and are finished with our PennBond® industrial backing for heat seal or sew on option.

Durable and Long lasting. Penn Emblem Flame Resistant Emblems retain their color fast and will withstand the rigors of industrial laundering. Penn Emblem has proudly set the industry standard in customized emblems, selling millions of emblems and patches to corporations and organizations worldwide using high quality threads, fabrics and materials.

  • 100% Dupont Nomex® or any optional FR fabric
  • Nomex® Thread
  • Heat Seal and Sew-On backing
  • Safe and Durable, Reusable
  • Perfect for Firefighters and Utility Workers
  • Ideal for Uniforms and Industrial Garments










Click Here to Download the Technical Specifications for Flame Resistant Emblems

Order Flame Resistant Emblems by emailing or calling our Customer Support team at (800)-793-7366.