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PennDuo® Embroidered Woven Patch

Penn Duo Banner

PennDuo® Embroidered Woven Patch combine the fine detail of weaving with the classic luster of embroidery in a single durable patch that stands up to industrial settings. The patented embroidered woven patch perfectly renders complicated logos with the highest standard of quality. Made of 100% polyester embroidered and woven threads, these brilliantly colored emblems can be manufactured in any shape or size, with or without a border. PennBond® backing allows for heat seal or sew on application so that emblems are removable, reusable and safe for industrial laundering.

  • Exclusive to Penn Emblem Company only, patented PennDuo®
  • Ideal for small, fine and detailed lettering and images
  • Suitable for Industrial Laundering

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