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Custom Woven Labels

woven labels

Penn Emblem presents custom woven labels to our catalog of great products! Woven labels offer permanent branding solutions to any garment or promotional products. They withstand industrial and home washing using 100% polyester threads that won’t bleed onto the material. Easily sew these woven labels onto clothing, purses, luggage, rugs, towels, bedding and other promotional products. For labels or designs with intricate details, our custom labels deliver vivid colors and clarity no matter how complex an image can be. With your choice of Damask, metallic or satin threads, make your woven labels stand out, no matter what you use it for. Whether you want to show off your company logo or add garment fabric information, woven labels demonstrate excellent branding opportunities for your company.

Options for Woven Labels

With so many uses for a woven label, it’s important to determine which type, cut, fold and edge will be the best option for you.

Label Types:
Main label – This type usually displays a company’s logo and the country of origin, like “Made in the U.S.A.”
Size label – As its name says, this is a smaller label that will display the size of the garment.
Care label – If you need to give care instructions or give detail on the fabric used, care labels are the most effective.

– Use a needle loom for a woven edge. The loom width is set to the width of the finished label for a more accurate cut.
– A broad loom prevents the label from fraying, but can create rougher edges.

– A Straight Cut label is sewn without any folding.
– When using an end fold, the label is folded on the left and right sides, then sewn into the garment on the folds. You can see this option on some clothing garments.
– With a Center (or Loop) Fold, the label is folded in half then sewn into the garment to close, usually along the top.
– A Mitre Fold label is folded on the left and right side on a 45 degree angle.

woven labels





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