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ExpressPrintTM Thermal Label Printers

Penn Emblem ExpressPrintSince its introduction in the industrial laundry market in 2001, the ExpressPrint™ Thermal Label Printers has remained the most advanced identification label printing system. In this time, ExpressPrint™ systems have produced over 100 million labels for garments.

Incorporating state-of-the-art thermal sublimation technology, ExpressPrint™ offers several unique advantages to the industrial laundry industry. ExpressPrint™ has been engineered to offer the fastest production of industrial launderable garment labels found anywhere, and is capable of printing up to 200 bar code or man-readable labels per minute.

Simple, Cost-Effective, and High Quality

If cost is your concern, choose the ExpressPrint™ Mini printer. You’ll get the same great ExpressPrint® quality labels from a smaller printer at a slightly slower speed (100 labels per minute).

Adding ExpressPrint™ to your operation couldn’t be simpler. The system can be used with a stand-alone PC, or incorporated into your current mainframe, network or Route Accounting System. The experts at Penn Emblem will help with your programming needs to make the transition to ExpressPrint™ seamless.

Beyond the Competition

The ExpressPrint™ system produces the T2 Label — the strongest and most durable ID label in the industrial laundry. You can expect crisp, clean printed detail that is easily scanned and read on every identification label you produce. The ExpressPrint™ T2 labels ensure the ultimate in comfort for your customers, yet remain extremely durable. They are able to withstand rigorous laundering and still remain readable, scannable and perfectly affixed to your garments.

ExpressPrint Thermal Label PrintersExpressPrint™ eliminates the inefficiencies familiar to those who have used other label printers in the past. The system requires less routine maintenance, because ExpressPrint™ ink ribbons last much longer (up to 26,600 labels) than conventional cartridge style ink supplies. Also, ExpressPrint™ labels are packaged with a higher label count per roll. Longer lasting ribbons and more labels per roll mean less down time and, therefore, higher production.

For pricing and information on ExpressPrint™ and all other PennSeal identification products, please contact Jon Joseph or call 800.793.7366, Ext. 164.

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