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ExpressPrintTM T7 Thermal Label Tape

thermal label tape

With over 30 years of experience developing garment identification label tape technology and systems, Penn Emblem Company is introducing its newest innovation, ExpressPrint™ T7 Thermal Label Tape as your trusted label tape solution. With extended durability and color retention for improved scan rates, ExpressPrint™ T7 Thermal Label Tape improves your budget, inventory control, and labor hours.

  • Resists reposition and garment dye-migration for improved scan rates
  • Withstands heavy bleach processing retaining its white color for longer
  • Leaves no white residue when removed for reuse of garments
  • Quick application and removal times for increased efficiency
  • Lower application temperatures for application on various fabrics

Click here to download the Heat Seal Parameters for ExpressPrint T7 Label Tape

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