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ExpressPrintTM T7 Thermal Label Tape

thermal label tape

Penn Emblem announces the latest innovation,  ExpressPrint™ T7 Thermal Label Tape! This completely innovative thermal barcode label can withstand the harshest industrial washing and retain its white color longer, therefore boasting a much improved scan rate. The new ExpressPrint™ T7 label is created with a proprietary adhesive backing that leaves no white residue on your garments when removed.  With an extended life cycle, the ExpressPrint™ T7 improves your budget, inventory control and labor hours.


  • Leaves no white residue for clean and neat appearance
  • Withstands heavy bleach use, retaining its white color
  • Resists soil deposition for improved barcode scan rates
  • Resists garment dye migration
  • Extended durability

Click here to download the Heat Seal Parameters for ExpressPrint T7 Label Tape

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