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State Flag Embroidered Patches

State and Country Flag Patches are available in a wide range of different sizes and styles for every garment or event. We have many flag patches available and in stock, plus we can customize any patch or copy existing patches. Flag patches look great on uniforms, hats, bags or jackets to display your pride.  Penn Emblem always offers excellent customer service and a low price!

Want to purchase our patriotic stock flag patches? Visit the ImprintsUSA website, a subsidiary of Penn Emblem Company, to order today.

State Flag Patches

Alabama – ES1900062

Alaska – ES1900059

Arizona – ES1900066

Arkansas – ES1900067

California – ES1900069

Colorado- ES1900080

Connecticut- ES1900097

Delaware – ES1900161

District of Columbia – ES1900733

Florida – ES1900171











Georgia – ES1900177





Hawaii – ES1900180

Idaho – ES1900183

Indiana – ES1900187

Iowa – ES1900192

Kansas – ES1900195

Kentucky – ES1900201

Louisiana – ES1900217

Maine – ES1900219

Maryland – ES1900221

Massachusetts – ES1900223

Michigan – ES1900225

Minnesota – ES1900558

Mississippi – ES1900548

Missouri – ES1903291

Montana – ES1900550

Nebraska – ES1900552

Nevada – ES1900551

New Hampshire-ES1900549

New Jersey – ES1900735

New Mexico – ES1896184

New York – ES1900560

North Carolina – ES1900554

North Dakota – ES1900557

Ohio – ES1900555

Oklahoma – ES1900736

Oregon – ES1900704

Pennsylvania – ES1882510

Rhode Island – ES1900714

South Carolina-ES1900715

South Dakota – ES1900737

Tennessee – ES1900716

Texas – ES1713324

Utah – ES1900722

Vermont – ES1900723

Washington – ES1900734

West Virginia – ES1900729

Wisconsin – ES1900730

Wyoming – ES1900731