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Artwork, Digitizing & Garment Embellishment

Garment EmbellishmentPenn Emblem has created an exclusive program to provide customers with artwork services, digitizing services and garment embellishment – embroidery and screen print!Garment Embellishment from Penn Emblem

  • Fixed Low Cost for Digitizing.
  • Fixed Low Cost for Direct Screen Print Artwork.
  • 24 Hour Service – Fast, Dependable.
  • Price Includes Stitch Out on Exact Fabric
  • On Line Catalog of All Digitized Files (Viewable By All Locations)
  • Quality Consistent Garment Embellishment In All Locations
  • Free Stockroom Training

Penn will apply Embroidery and/or Screen Printing to Shirts, Jackets, Hats, Aprons, Bags, etc.
Free Inbound Freight from SanMar, Order Consolidation, Rental or Direct Sale Programs and Direct Shipments to Customers.

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Penn Emblem Garment Embellishment