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SanMar PSST Authorized Decorator

Penn Emblem is proud to announce that they are part of the SanMar PSST “Pack Separately. Ship Together” Authorized Decorator Program.

The PSST program is a collaboration between contract decorators and SanMar to offer high levels of service to Promotional Product Distributor’s (PPDs). Each day, SanMar consolidates multiple orders heading to the same address, eliminating the need for PPDs to bundle orders and making it easier for contract decorators to know what’s coming and when. While there is an investment required from contract decorators, the program is totally free to PPDs and offers significant savings and opportunities to both.

The North Face®, Eddie Bauer, Nike and a variety of other blank products are now available for purchase from SanMar and are available in a variety of different styles.

Learn more about SanMar’s PSST program by contacting Penn Emblem’s Customer Support Team by calling our Direct Embroidery phone number (951) 681 8494 or emailing