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PennFlock® and PennTwill® Emblems

PennFlock® is a innovative patch that utilizes polyester flock fibers that bond to ink for a permanent image. Graphics are fused to the patch so they will not wash or fade out over time. PennFlock® is also available in a 3D version that incorporates a shimmering textured satin into the background to make your graphics pop. It uses the latest fluorescent ink technology to provide remarkable bright vivid colors. This product is offered with the choice of 3 adhesives: Hot Melt (super durable), Low Melt (for sensitive fabrics), and Cold Press (self-adhesive) for events and promotions.

Penn Emblem Company also offers PennTwill® patches, a soft twill heat-applied patch that utilizes ultra soft polyester yarn to deliver a velvety smooth look and feel.

  • Designed for small and large volumes
  • Vivid and durable colors with no fading
  • Eliminates the need for stitching down
  • Fast turnaround times and the ability to group multiple designs together for volumes discounts
  • Environmentally friendly and proudly made in the United States
  • Home Laundry Only

Production Requirements:
Minimum: 50 pieces
Lead-Time: 5-10 days
Maximum Colors: Unlimited

Instructions and Additional Information:
Notes: Do not wash for 24 hours after application and ensure press is at correct temperature.
Pre-Production testing is strongly advised and is available upon request.

Application Conditions:

Hot Melt
Temperature: 300-340°F
Time: 12-25 seconds
Pressure: 4-6 bar (heavy)
Low Melt
Temperature: 285-300°F
Time: 10-15 seconds
Pressure: 2-3 bar (light)

Self Adhesive

(can be peeled off, not suitable for laundry)









Order Penn Flock and Penn Twill Emblems by emailing or calling our Customer Support Team at (800)-793-7366.