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PennWeave® Woven Emblems

The densely packed woven fibers of PennWeave® Woven Emblems make it easy to recreate highly detailed logos and artwork while still capturing all the fine details and lettering. Made of 100% polyester materials, your design elements can be reproduced exactly, giving a similar effect to embroidery but with more detail and a smoother finish.

    • Ideal for Industrial Uniform Programs – Durable
    • Can withstand harsh working conditions
    • Removable and reusable
    • Clean, sharp lettering
    • Light weight
    • Smooth Surface
    • Can be hand-cut for effects of Direct Embroidery
    • Can be customized with different combination options (See our Penn Combo page here)
    • Available in any shape or size
    • Samples Available

PeannWeave® Woven Emblem Dimensions
Minimum emblem size is 1.0″ x 1.75″ (2.5cm x 4.4cm)
Maximum emblem size is 13.0: x 17.5″ (33.0cm x 44.5cm)

Design Lettering Dimensions
Minimum text height is 0.08″

Minimum Quantity

50 pieces

Production Time
Will ship in 10-12 business days

Artwork and Setup Fees
An emailed sketch card or scan of your finished emblem is included in the order for no additional cost.

What’s the Difference between PennWeave® Woven Emblems and Custom Embroidered Emblems?

Custom Embroidered Emblems PennWeave® Woven Emblems
  • Gives a classic and professional embellishment look
  • Embroidered patches are very durable and will last as long as your garments
  • Bright, vivid, lustrous colors
  • Ideal for simple designs, solid colors, and larger lettering
  • Gives designs a 3D lift
  • The thinner thread and tighter weave captures fine detail, gradients and small lettering with an embroidery-like texture
  • Design elements can be reproduced exactly
  • Woven patches are flexible which provides additional comfort
  • Provides a clean, flat appearance

PennWeave® Woven Emblems PennWeave® Woven Emblems Detail PennWeave® Woven EmblemsPennWeave® Woven EmblemsPennWeave® Woven Emblems DetailPennWeave® Woven Emblems Detail


PennWeave® Woven Emblems








Available Backings

 PennBond Industrial  Low Melt Glue  Velcro  Pressure Sensitive
 – Can withstand industrial laundering – Quick and easy to apply
– Ideal for thin fabrics
– Removable without damage  – Removable and Reusable
– Perfect for special events or promotions

Available Borders for Embroidered Emblems

 Merrowed Border  Stitched Border
– Separately stitched overlock edge
– Commonly used on squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, and ovals
– Protective Edge to keep edges from fraying
– Your choice of thread color
– Can be used with any shape, no matter how intricate
– Custom fit to your design


Order PennWeave® Woven Emblems by emailing or calling our Customer Support team at (800)-793-7366. You can also order by contacting us via our Contact Page.