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PennTrans™ Heat Transfers

PennTrans™ Digital Transfers

PennTrans™ Digital Transfers are remarkable, on-demand, full color, digital transfers designed for small volumes and fast turnaround. We utilize the latest print technologies to produce bright, vivid colors and exceptionally fine detail. This product’s versatile adhesive makes it suitable for a wide variety of fabrics and substances.

PennTrans™ Digital Transfers are only suitable for home laundry.

  • Designed for volumes from 25 to 1,000 pieces, with unlimited colors
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Vivid and durable colors with Photo quality detail
  • No set up costs for small volumes
  • Environmentally friendly and proudly made in the United States
  • Excellent stretch and elasticity with no cracking


Production Requirements
Minimums: 25 pieces
Lead-Time: 5-10 Days
Maximum Colors: Unlimited
Minimum Line Thickness: 1mm on fee floating

Maximum Size: 26″ x 19″
Minimum Size: 0.79″ x 0.79″

Application Conditions
Temperature: 280-320°F (138°C to 160°C)
Time: 10-20 seconds
Pressure: 4-6 bar (medium to heavy pressure)

Instructions and Additional Information:
Apply proper heat and pressure for the recommended dwell time. The carrier film can then be removed hot. Allow to cool before stretching.
Notes: Do not wash for 24 hours after application and ensure press is at correct temperature. Pre-Production testing is advised and is available upon request.

Click Here to Download Technical Specifications for PennTrans™ Heat Transfers

PennTrans™ Ultra Transfer

PennTrans™ Ultra Transfers are premium heat appliqued flag ink transfers with a unique and luxurious soft hand feel. It’s light weight construction allows it to maintain great opacity while retaining vivid colors and outstanding durability. Available options include a carbon dye blocker that is guaranteed to perform on unstable fabrics, super low melt adhesive for sensitive fabrics, and industrial adhesive for the most demanding applications.

PennTrans™ Ultra is true water based Poly Urethane transfers that uses durable adhesives, making it the premier solution for corporate apparel.

These transfers are only suitable for Home Laundry.

  • Ideal for 1-3 color designs at 1,000 pieces
  • Excellent stretch and elasticity with no cracking
  • Luxurious soft hand feel compared to standard plastisol
  • Hot or cold peel and dye block options for your most demanding applications
  • Outstanding durability and color reproduction
  • Environmentally friendly and proudly made in the United States

Production Requirements
Minimum: 1000 pieces
Lead-Time: 10-15 Days
Maximum colors: 5

Application Conditions:

Low Melt
Temperature: 285-320°F
Time: 10-15 seconds
Pressure: 4-6 bar (heavy)
Super Low Melt
Temperature: 250-280°F
Time: 10-15 seconds
Pressure: 4-6 bar (heavy)




Order PennTrans™ and PennTrans™ Ultra  HeatTransfers by emailing or calling our Customer Support team at (800)-793-7366.