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PennStitch® Embroidered Emblems

PennStitch® Embroidered Emblems simulate the texture of a polo shirt, making them an ideal complement for business casual uniforms or executive wear. Fully embroidered of 100% polyester threads and fabric, these solid stitched name badges and logos have the luster of direct embroidery at an economical price point. Industrial strength PennBond® backing allows for heal seal or sew on application. A merrow border finishes the emblem with polish. As a signature Penn Emblem solution, expect superior quality and durability.

  • 100% polyester thread and fabric
  • Suitable for industrial laundering
  • Simulates texture of polo shirt
  • Perfect for business casual image
  • Economical alternative to direct embroidery










Order PennStitch Emblems by emailing or calling our Customer Support team at (800)-793-7366. You can also order by contacting us via our Contact Page.