Blank Emblems

Penn Emblem Blank patches are crisp and smooth, making them ideal for your design additions. Use blank emblems in your own embroidery work, screen printing or sublimation applications or write on them with Penn Emblem Laundry Pens.

Custom Embroidered

Custom Embroidered Emblems are a timeless, fashionable choice that withstands all wash conditions. They are well known in all markets from military rank to athletic team branding and are available in any shape with a variety of color and backing options. If you are looking for a classic emblem style, learn more about Custom Embroidered emblems.

Embroidered Hand Cut Emblems

Embroidered Hand Cut Emblems also known as PennBroidery® Appliqué Emblems or Laser Cut, have a simulated look to direct embroidery with the ability to have cut outs within the emblem itself while also being more cost effective.


Epaulets are embroidered ornamental shoulder emblems used in history to show rank. Generally, epaulets are worn on jackets or outerwear and can be made with metallic threads. 

Lettering Only

If you are looking for professional, clean name tags, look no further. Lettering Only emblems are ideal for customers with no logo or specific image. It can be embroidered, silk-screen printed or sublimated with Script or Block text.

PennBroidery® Appliqué

PennBroidery® Appliqué Emblems, also known as Hand Cut or Laser Cut, have a similar look to direct embroidery with the ability to have cut outs within the emblem itself while also being more cost effective.


PennDuo® Emblems are exclusive to Penn Emblem Company. It combines the timeless effects of Custom Embroidery with the fine details of PennWeave® Woven Emblems. It is ideal for small lettering and complicated images, and can be manufactured in any shape or size, with or without a border. There are two ways that PennDuo® is typically created: two separate pieces (embroidered with woven element stitched inside), OR woven entirely then embroidered over certain areas to raise and accentuate.

PennEdge® Sublimated (IG)

The best of both worlds! Seamlessly blend your photo-finish, sublimated emblem to a matching shirt fabric with a low-profile appearance. Utilizing the matching, stitched border of the embroidered PennEdge® emblem with a printed, dye-sublimated base, PennEdge® Sublimated (IG) is an innovative combination of inkjet and fabric matching technology.


PennEdge® Embroidered Emblems give your brand the edge it needs to stand out while seamlessly blending in. Using actual shirt fabric, emblems are matched to produce a low profile appearance. PennEdge® Emblems are manufactured with a special “Mini” stitched border and finished with your choice of backing options.


PennStitch® Embroidered Emblems are the ideal compliment for all business casual uniforms or executive wear and the economical alternative to direct embroidery. The background is made to simulate the look and feel of a polo shirt and is made with 100% polyester thread and fabric. This product can be customized with your choice of backing and border type.

PennWeave® Woven Emblems

For an intricate design with small lettering, fine details and gradients, choose PennWeave® Woven Emblems. Your artwork is brought to life with precision stitching similar to embroidery but more detailed and lightweight. The smooth surface is made with 100% polyester threads and can be paired with a variety of backing options.