Combination Emblems

Mix and match woven, embroidered, glitter, sequins and more! There are endless possibilities to decorate your brand with PennCombo. A wide variety of Penn Emblem patches can be customized with unique threads, fabrics and manufacturing techniques to help you create your perfect emblem.

Chenille Emblems

Chenille emblems embody the classic, nostalgic, letterman jacket or school pride swag. These emblems are made of 100% Polyester Yarn and can be combined with felt or twill to add the perfect accomplishment statement piece to your clothing or accessories. Chenille is a timeless addition to varsity jackets, bags, blankets and more.

Garment Woven Labels

Don’t miss out on customers associating your company’s apparel with your brand! Complete your branded apparel with fully customizable woven garment labels that capture the fine details of even the most intricate logos or artwork – the perfect finishing touch!

Glitter and Sequin

Give your patch design some eye-catching sequins, glitter or rhinestones with Penn Emblem Bling! These emblems are ideal for promotional products, cheerleading teams, dance companies and more and are sure to make a statement on your garments.


Penn Emblem Leather emblems are the timeless, classic, rustic addition for your hats, jackets, bags, and more. The sleek, smooth texture provides an edgy appearance while the warm, earthy colors add dimension and style.


Penn Emblem Letterman embellishments add classic style, spirit and class to any academic team or organization’s apparel. It is ideal for varsity jackets, denim, bags and more to add dimension and precision to your decoration. These emblems can also be combined with felt, sublimation, embroidery, Chenille and more.


PennDome® is a premium, high-quality embellishment suitable for hats, jackets, bags, uniforms, sports apparel and promotional products. It’s 3D, durable, high resolution appearance has no limitations on colors and is ideal for the fashion and sports market.


PennEtch® Emblems are an etched, micro suede patch that utilizes the latest laser technology to provide high quality detail. Decorative materials are fused to a base layer, then laser etched to different depths creating stunning texture. This emblem is lightweight with outstanding details in a variety of colors. Etch emblems are a fashionable, seasonal addition.


PennFlex™ is an innovative, thermoplastic emblem that creates a superior, three-dimensional effect for any design. With many customization options, such as a matte or metallic finish, PennFlex™ exceeds standard emblem expectations with its high definition, lightweight and flexible structure. Its durability is matched by its unique attention to details and depth created by meticulous gradients.

PennFlock® and PennFlock® 3D

PennFlock®/PennFlock® 3D emblems offer a sleek, smooth, unique style with a 3D option. Any image can be permanently fused to a patch utilizing polyester flock fibers creating a velvety texture that can withstand fading over time. This option adds a dimension and depth to any garment, hat or bag.

Penn PVC Emblems

PennPVC emblems add a modern dimension, style and depth to your garments, hats and bags. PVC never fades, cracks or peels maintaining clarity and detail. Your branding ideas can be molded into any shape and color to convey your overall image. These emblems are removable, flexible and waterproof to keep you moving in all environments.

PennTwill® and PennTwill® 3D

PennTwill® Emblems are made using a soft, polyester yarn to deliver a smooth appearance with vivid, durable colors. The soft, twill, heat applied patches are smooth and crisp for a professional, clean aesthetic and can be completed with a 3D upgrade.

Puff Embroidery

Puff Embroidered emblems add a 3D enhancement to standard designs. Using a special embroidery technique and a foam underlining, these emblems add depth, dimension and texture to hats, bags and more.

Silicone Emblems & Transfers

Silicone Emblems and Transfers are one of the most trending design techniques of the year. These 3D, flexible, smooth emblems are durable in harsh conditions and never fade over time. The intricate, raised details make silicone emblems a modern and unique addition to apparel, bags, shoes, promotional swag and more!

Specialty American Flag Emblems

Choose from a wide variety of specialty American Flags. From Woven to Embroidered, to edgy new innovations like PennFlex™. An American Flag is the perfect patriotic addition for any garment and a great addition to bags, hats and more to show pride!

Tackle Twill

Penn Tackle Twill emblems have multiple layers of fabric with elaborate stitching utilizing two or three fabrics stitched together to deliver a three-dimensional effect. These emblems are completely customizable, affordable and eye-catching! They are ideal for letterman jackets and backpacks, and can be customized with a variety of layered textures.

PennWeave® Woven Emblems

For an intricate design with small lettering, fine details and gradients, choose PennWeave® Woven Emblems. Your artwork is brought to life with precision stitching similar to embroidery but more detailed and lightweight. The smooth surface is made with 100% polyester threads and can be paired with a variety of backing options.