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    Atlantic City Convention Center hosted the 2021 Impressions Expo August 26th to the 28th. Impressions Magazine and the Impressions Expo offer business education and guidance on the software and equipment used for digitally driven decorations and the event annually showcases the year’s latest innovations and trending resources for screen printing, embroidery, heat-applied graphics, and various other techniques.


    With one of the smaller events to date due to COVID restrictions, the Impressions Expo, which celebrated it’s 40-year anniversary this year, hosted stand out companies such as ASI, SanMar, and Madeira USA. In addition, many other notable decoration businesses were in attendance: 5B’s, Delta Apparel Co, Hirsch Solutions Inc, and more.

    Penn Emblem Company, an annual Impressions Expo exhibitor and magazine subscriber, displayed a variety of standout products this year to highlight available capabilities and 2021 designs. Among some of the featured products were fan favorites and seasonal all stars: Leather and the award winning, PennFlex™. Leather, although a classic emblem style, continually stands out this time of year. It’s warm, earth tone colors and traditional embroidered typography are a non-negotiable winning combination for fall apparel. PennFlex™ is a lightweight, flexible, 3D emblem that is completed with either a matte or metallic finish. This innovative design technique consistently show stops in the sport and fashion markets, but shines even brighter as an upgrade for traditional, embroidered security badges.


    The show featured many startups, which allowed Penn Emblem to educate and add value to rising stars in the industry as well as network and make future relationships. In addition, with veteran companies in attendance, there was an opportunity to connect over new business partnerships. Overall, the Penn Emblem team learned a lot about up-and-coming trends in the industry as well as necessary innovations to research. We had 5 members of our team work the tradeshow. President Randi Blumenthal Joseph, Vice President of Sales Jon Joseph, Marketing manager Tyler Joseph, Sales Reps Joe Lea and Rich Hirsh.


    Penn Emblem Company and is grateful for the time spent together at the show and looks forward to connecting further with the attendees. If you would like further information pertaining to the Impressions Expo, featured products, or to book an appointment please contact Penn Emblem’s sales team from the show: Richard Hirsh ( and Joseph Lea (

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